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Now Available: The Catenary Exchange

The Catenary Exchange

The Catenary Exchange

Now available from Amazon.com, The Catenary Exchange

by Gilbert Cross

An espionage novel about the Cold War

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While the chill gray imperatives of espionage coil and uncoil through the KGB, British intelligence, and the streets of East Berlin, Anton Drakov, Director of the Department of Disinformation, is concerned with only one thing—his survival. Those who underestimate him will pay with their lives. Meanwhile an unlikely alliance is renewed. Neville Conyers, unwilling agent in the British SIS, is assigned a mission in which his survival isn’t important. His one possible ally is Colonel Konstantin Novetsky, the Soviet official whose daughter he assassinated. Dare Conyers trust him with his life? It is a question that grows more imperative as they try to escape from East to West Berlin in the depths of subways and among the ruined buildings next to the infamous Berlin Wall.

As before, nothing is what it seems.

This book was originally published in 1983. It is revised and expanded.