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Now Available: The Berlin Fugue

The Berlin Fugue

The Berlin Fugue

Now available from Amazon.com, The Berlin Fugue

by Gilbert Cross

An espionage novel about the Cold War

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A young American lieutenant has a brief, yet memorable, affair with a stunning East Berlin blonde. Britain’s SIS unearths a shocking case of deep penetration by Russia’s KGB. Anton Drakov, a Russian defector with a devastating secret makes a last-ditch plunge toward freedom. Three seemingly unrelated events. Soon to come together with an explosive impact that will shatter across three continents.

The stakes are set for a riveting clash pitting the best against the best…for a masterful counterpoint of terror and intrigue in which today’s friend is tomorrow’s bitterest enemy. This time the Russian defector has a new and formidable enemy, Joshua Davies, Director of Department D of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service. His nickname “the Butcher,” has nothing to do with his gargantuan appetite. From Whitehall’s inner sanctums to Israeli interrogation cells, from Berlin’s seamy underworld to the ancient caves of 18th Century devil worshippers, the deadly cat and mouse takes place. The results are clear–losers die…winner takes all.

This book was originally published in 1985. It is revised and expanded.