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Now Available: The Drakov Memoranda

The Drakov Memoranda

The Drakov Memoranda

Now available from Amazon.com, The Drakov Memoranda

by Gilbert Cross

An espionage novel about the Cold War

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The Cold War rages. The Berlin Wall separates the two mightiest military forces in history. Deep in the Lubyanka Prison in Moscow, Anton M. Drakov, Director of Department A of the First Directorate (Disinformation), has planned a coup that will make him famous or an instant non-person.

The American CIA and British MI6 believe they have unearthed a Russian plot and move accordingly. They may have fallen into a trap. Neville Conyers, a reluctant member of Six must trust his life to Colonel Novetsky, retired member of Russia’s military intelligence. They can trust no one; can they trust each other? Drakov’s strongest suit is misdirection. Nothing is what it seems. Time is running out. Will Drakov’s plan lead to World War III?

This book was originally published in 1979. It is revised and expanded.