Posted July 17, 2012 by Gilbert Cross in WinterCross Publications

Now Available: Dragon Fire (Amazon and Kindle)

Now available from Amazon.com, Dragon Fire

by Gilbert Cross

A young adult fantasy of magic and courage

Now Available from Kindle

Dragon Fire takes the reader back to the end of days when the Elvin King, Ereborn, is dying from a poisoned spear thrust. The Age of Men has begun, but the Elvin folk cannot pass on to the Land in the West unless their king leads them. Ereborn’s only chance of recovery is a magical cauldron, which cures all wounds but has not been seen in many years. Frantic searches have proved fruitless.

The great White Wizard, Zugjans, has found an ancient prophecy stating only a mortal youth can guide him to the cauldron’s hiding place. He sends the unicorn, Marshaum, to find Bryan, son of Sîon. Zugjans’ interpretation of rare parchment scrolls leads him to believe the cauldron lies in the hoard of the fearful dragon, Huzdraka. A group of elves has been gathered together by the wizard but, although they have special skills, it cannot be said that they are the most friendly of comrades—an angry dwarf who claims he isn’t a dwarf, a bossy princess who feels she could kill the dragon without the help of any mortal boy, and an apprentice wizard who never seems likely to earn his cloak.

Less useful than any of the travelers is a late arrival, Sir Hector Crapaud. He claims to be a very great knight in his country, wherever it is, but the only real question about him is whether his cowardice is equal to his stupidity.

Yet, despite everything, these dysfunctional companions begin to pull together, and great acts of courage and sacrifice take place.

But other eyes are on Bryan. If he can help search for a lost pagan cauldron, surely he can help the irascible Sir Bors de Ganis find the Holy Grail—whether he wants to or not   .  .  .