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Dragon Fire

Now Available: Dragon Fire (Amazon and Kindle)

Now available from, Dragon Fire by Gilbert Cross A young adult fantasy of magic and courage Now Available from Kindle Dragon Fire takes the reader back to the end of days when the Elvin King, Ereborn, is dying from a...

Writing: The Agony and Something Else

I’ve had a lot of experience with writing, and I want this blog to be informative and helpful to others. I’ve produced about a dozen books of one kind or another, and it hasn’t got any easier with time.


As with any writer, I never tire of Shakespeare.  I didn’t find many students who, having watched a play be Shakespeare, were bored.  Sure, they talk a bit funny, but so do we Brits.  The problem came when we had to do somethin...


The Bronte Family

It was with a trembling hand that I first opened Wuthering Heights and began reading Emily Bronte’s only novel.  Subsequently, some of my students have opened this novel, trembling for other reasons.  It’s not an easy book and ...

The Bridgewater Canal

My first young adult novel was A Hanging at Tyburn.  The main setting was the village of Worsley in the English county of Lancashire in 1760.  Many years later, I was born  nearby and, as a child, used to gaze in wonder and fea...

No Strings Attached

Jim wouldn’t go to see yet another comic book movie, so I went alone to The Amazing Spider-Man, paying a three-dollar premium for the extra dimension.  The theatre was full of five people, which is seldom a good sign.  The Spid...